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There comes a time in life when you have things popping up out of nowhere and you are not prepared for them financially. Do not worry. Lending Club pre approved personalized loan offers is here to pull you up in your thin time by providing a number of borrowing options.

What is Lending Club?

When it comes to peer to peer lending platform then Lending Club has its name. Initially started on a social network site Facebook in 2006, it rapidly got major investments from Norwest Venture Partners and Canaan Partners. It soon emerged as a successful loan organization by acting as a successful stabilizer between two parties. About $16 Billion in regard of loans are claimed by LendingClub as far as December 2015.

MyinstantOffer connects buyers and investors on an online forum while ensuring that financial integrity of customer is maintained. It does so by offering unsecured loans which do not require borrower to ensure something collateral (personal possession like a house) to get a loan.

About the LendingClub

LendingClub is the main stream which is providing this opportunity since 2007 by acting as a bridge between borrowers and investors. Over previous decade, it has supported millions of people with their debt to help them manage their difficult time. 

It aims to bring innovative and creative solutions while making it easy and convenient for people to access credit. When you are with LendingClub then, low costs and high opportunities are on board to help you drive through. LendingClub ensures ethical, responsible ways to bring better and satisfied opportunities to customers by engaging them in direct peer to peer relationship in a personal loan or more specifically known as Myinstantoffer.

Bank Loan vs MyInstantOffer which is more preferable

There comes a question in mind that why should I prefer Myinstantoffer over any other bank loan.

Well, the conditions of a bank loan are far stricter and more restricted as compared to this offer. Bank loans require a;

  • Sound financial background or you can say, a high credit score.
  • Repayment policy also makes difficulty for people who do not have fixed monthly income. It takes a plenty of time to get your application approved which can be worrisome when you are in grave need of money.

The conditions of Myinstantoffer are far more relaxed and in accord with financial status of a borrower. LendingClub is offering their customers only 9% of interest while the other banks charge 15% of interest on their loans.

There are many features which mark LendingClub “A must avail” choice. Some of these are:

  1. MyInstantLoan offers little hassle and more reward; you do not have to stand in long queues for your turn. Whenever you need money, just fill an online application form right from your comfort seat. Borrower can easily choose the number of fixed installments each months and tenure of installments.
  • Borrowing money, no more needs a Collateral. Surprised? Yeah, MyinstantOffer is here to ease your worries. Many of you might not be a house owner or in possession of a worthy asset. LendingClub understands the trouble and offers a complete collateral free scheme of loans. You do not have to ensure something worthy in return of loan.
  • There is always a circulation of money when it comes to dealing at platform of LendingClub. LendingClub acts as an ambassador between two parties. The money you get is from some worthy person of same community which gives a sense of comfort and money gets circulated within same society through a third party.
  • MyInstantOffer LendingClub secure information in a zipped box. All your personal information would be completely confidential and there would be no leaking or tempering of data. No one can approach you privately in this regard. LendingClub offers you a complete private and secure environment.
  • Terms and Conditions are crystal clear in every dealing. The borrowers know the potential interest and conditions of lender. The dealing is transparent while ensuring credibility of the source. The set policies of service provider are presented before the borrower to avoid any loop holes.

Why you should give it a thought?

MyInstantOffer allows you to manage something expensive or an unexpected expenditure by ensuring its payback in pre-settled and predictable way.  

Whether your dear one is bad of health, or your house need renovation or its time to purchase something worthy, Myinstantoffer is there for you to part your worries. It is really simple process and requires some easy steps to make you a valid candidate for the required amount.

If you get agree to conditions of offer, then you receive the lumpsum amount in your account in a day or two. You always know the exact amount you are borrowing and added interest over it. One can easily choose his payback time based on his own convenience (may be 3 or 5 years). MyInstantOffer can help you with up to $40,000 with very flexible rates. The rates of MyInstantOffer LendingClub range from 6.95%-35.98%, with no pre-payment penalties.

How to Apply Pre Approved Personal Loan?

You are convinced and want it give it a shot but do not know how to?

We are here to help you. There are some easy steps which then lead you to approval of your application. These are;

  1. Amount and Credit Score.
  2. Identity
  3. Personal Information
  4. Monthly Income
  5. Contact Information.
  6. Terms and Conditions
  7. Social Security Number.

MyinstantOffer requires the figure of amount you need and your credit score to help you qualify. It then leads to multiple offers from which you can opt one which suits you best. You can forward the process by filling an online application form which asks very basic information about you (e.g. Address, Income, Employment) and employment security number.

After that, you need to verify your entered information and a mean to communicate with you (i.e. email address). You may be asked about related documents to satisfy your entered income range. That was all. See, how super easy and less time consuming it was.

It is quite easy to log in Lending Club to your account whenever you want to see status of your application. 

You will be updated about the status of loan that whether you are eligible for MyinstantOffer or not. You can avail multiple loans with your positive eligibility status. Borrower will be informed of possible reasons of rejection if the eligibility status is not qualified.

Why are you being declined?   

Your application is not being approved for MyInstantOffer. What to do next?

Do not panic. Settle down and figure out the reasons of rejection and find a way around it.

There can be multiple reasons of your application not being approved. We can possibly shrink them down to few points to enhance understanding.

  • Credit Score is low

When you have a credit card history of less than 3 years then it makes you not a very potential candidate for the loan offer.

  • Debt to Income Ratio

A score of less than 30% of ratio is ideal to get approved a loan. You should keep a fine gap between your monthly installment and income to ensure your timely burden free payment.

  • Late Payments

If you have a bad record of repayment on your profile then lenders might hesitate to mark you a potential candidate for said amount. A tinted history of installments to company is something which declines your score to get a loan.

There can be many other factors that are involved in negative status of your loan application. If you do not understand any of these or any other term that is causing a hindrance then an online research can help you negotiate that why these remarks appeared on your credit profile.  

How to decide best loan?

A borrower first of all need to state his payment and credit score before getting application approved. One can always check the score (or more precisely defined as checking rate) at LendingClub and can easily evaluate the status of application.

Now, you are eligible for offer and want to take a loan from MyinstantOffer but not quite sure about the offer suitable for you. It seems scary and pressing when you think of going through a process to find your package but it’s not in really. It all starts with your most immediate need.

Whether you want to meet an immediate demand of renovation or need a business startup, you will have to identify your conditions of loan.

What matters you the most? Getting payment at most affordable rate or settling your monthly installments at convenience to keep you stable.

When you decide with your potential conditions and requirements then it become very easy for you to opt between the short-term loan and long-term loan. The two terms differ in their payback duration and weight of installments.

If you go for a short-term loan then it will have lower APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as compared to a long-term. It means that installments are being payed back more quickly. Time frame is condensed in this condition and you have to pay more amount per month to meet the loan amount in shorter time.

Is MyInstantOffer LenidngClub a scam?

LendingClub is an authenticated, legal company that offers its customers a secure environment with minimal interest. LendingClub has occupied the reading space of many reputed newspapers like CNN, CBS, New York Times and US today.

It was recently published in New York times that Google (a well-known billionaire company) has recently invested 125 million dollars in Lending Club which marks the credibility of this organization. As reported in CNN, the company has attained the attention of different experts over a shorter period of time. John Mack who was running the company Morgan Stanley has joined hands with Lending Club in April 2012.

With continued efforts from CEO of company, since 2007, LendingClub has crossed over loans of 5 Billion dollar to people which shows the potential trust of people in this organization.

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